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Day of Coordination

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You are at the deep end of wedding planning; the stress is beginning to get to you and you feel overwhelmed. You might wonder if a day of coordinator is something that you need to consider. Day of coordinators can be a lifesaver, especially when all you want to think of on your big day is having a blast with the love of your life and not putting out fires or answering phone calls from relatives who seem to have forgotten the time or address on the invitation. At Hartford Wedding Planners, our job is to make sure that at your wedding, all you have to worry about is what is waiting for you at the end of the aisle.


Hidden Benefits of a day-of coordinator

The benefits of a day of coordinator speak for themselves. Once you begin with your wedding planning, you will quickly realize how much you might need one. Vendors, such as photographers, make-up artists, and DJs rely on the day to run perfectly to perform their duties correctly - a day of coordinator ensures that this happens. A professional day-of coordinator has done many weddings and knows what may go wrong and how to combat issues before they occur. 


What is a day of coordinator and what do they do?

Many couples have said the day-of coordinator is the most important person to have at their wedding. These talented people can take on any stress or problems that are swung at them and combat it, often time without your knowledge of there even being a problem. A day of coordinator is someone that ensures that your wedding day, from start to finish, is executed perfectly. The role includes timeline management, overcoming any challenges that arise, checking on all the other vendors involved in the ceremony are running perfectly. The point of a day of coordinator is that any questions the vendors, guests, or venue personnel may have, the happy couple does not need to worry about it. 


When do you need a day of coordinator?

A day of coordinator is someone hired for the day of your wedding. This can sometimes extend to the day before and the day after your wedding. Many couples that need a day of coordinator will have planned their wedding themselves and might need someone to come in and ensure that the happy couple’s dreams come to life without any hiccups on the day. Sometimes, when a wedding is planned by the couple themselves, small details can be missed. A professional hired to oversee everything will ensure that those small details are not missed.


Tips to plan the ultimate wedding day timeline, from a professional. 

Arranging and executing the perfect wedding day is something many couples struggle with. It seems that, although you may have thought of everything, there is always something that is missed or someone that is running late. Here are some tips on limiting those hiccups. Ensure that all the planning is done beforehand and the day is broken down in a detailed timeline. To do this look at everything that needs to happen on the day and write down the length of time each one will take. Arrange them to ensure that your timeline fits together well. A side tip is to send this detailed timeline to all vendors involved to ensure that they are aware of the expectations you have of them.

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