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Full Service Planning

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You have met the love of your life and they have finally popped the question (or you have). Once the excitement has settled, the wedding planning will commence. Planning your wedding is one of the most exciting times in anyone's life. Before you are engaged, you likely have some idea of what you want your wedding day to look like. Planning a wedding can be a daunting task and leave most couples overwhelmed with where to begin, even with a good idea of what you would like to achieve. Hartford Wedding Planners offer full-service planning. This is someone that is dedicated to you from the very beginning up to and including thank you notes, sent after the wedding.


What does full-service planning mean?

There are several different types of wedding planners; some who specialize in destination weddings and some who offer individual services, such as planning the venue or decorations. Hartford Wedding Planners offer a full-service wedding planner. This means we have someone that will be dedicated to you and only you, from start to absolute finish. This person will assist you in choosing your vendors, budgeting, guest lists, seating plans, and even thank you cards. A full-service planner will likely be able to tell you things about planning a wedding that absolutely no one else can, they can advise you on vendors based on positive experience and help your wedding planning be smooth sailing.


More than the decorations

Most couples tend to think of wedding planners as someone who assists with the décor only. A full-service wedding planner focuses on the small details too. A successful wedding is more than just pretty, apart from décor. Your wedding day schedule will be managed with extreme efficiency – even the temperature inside the venue will be set to perfect. The lights will be dim to ensure that the perfect ambiance is felt throughout. Every detail is thought of by your full-service planner!


Full service planning far beyond the wedding day

Full-service wedding planning might not just consist of the wedding day. Hartford Wedding Planners full-service planners understand that we may need to step up and help with the bridal showers and dinner rehearsals because let’s face it, those are just as stressful as the wedding day. When it comes to a wedding, one person cannot do it all alone. It takes a lot of skills and experience to successfully plan a wedding that only an experienced planner and their team will know. Our wedding planners will arrive with a team of professionals ready to assist. Each one will specialize in a specific area of expertise, from your bridal shower to dealing with the in-laws and their seats, our full-service planning has you covered.


Benefits of a wedding planner 

In case you still need to be convinced, we have compiled a list of some of the benefits a full-service wedding planner has to offer you. First and foremost, a wedding planner will save you time, as the average wedding takes upwards of 200 hours to plan. Second, we can help you stay within your budget. We know staying within a budget you have set for yourself is not easy, especially when you see something and fall in love with it (even if it comes with a hefty price tag). The small amounts can quickly add up. Third, we can save you money. Yes, you heard that right! Not only can we assist in keeping you within your budget; with our extensive network, we can source the best pricing for you. Lastly, we come with a world of valuable advice and knowledge to offer you.

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