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Month of Coordination

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Our opinion might be one-sided, but we believe that a wedding planner is priceless and a valuable member of your wedding party. It is more than likely that you have dreamed of this day since you can remember, so you do not want to ruin it with stress. If your budget does not allow for a full-service wedding planner, you may need someone who can swoop in a month before the big day to ensure that everything is running smoothly and that all the last-minute chaos and fires are put out. A month of coordinator is the best option for someone with a smaller budget but who may require assistance.


The benefits of hiring a monthly coordinator

At Hartford Wedding Planners, we have seen it time and time again: couples who thought they had it under control and time just seems to have escaped them. Trapped, a mere month from your big day and you do not know where to go next. As we know, wedding planners come with a variety of benefits, one being vendor coordination. By this time, your vendors should all be booked and chosen. Our job is to assist with the details such as the when, the how, and the what. Based on your vision for your big day, we work with you, the venue, and vendors, such as the makeup artist and photographer, to come up with a timeline that is perfect for you. Last-minute fires and disasters have you worried? Fear not! When we are near, our wedding planners will be there to sort any issues that may arise on the day and leading up to it, before it even causes a problem. With these benefits in mind, the question should be, “why am I not hiring a wedding planner?”


Understanding the difference between the day of and month of coordinator

A wedding can very quickly rack up a high bill and in an attempt to save some money, couples may try to plan their wedding themselves. A month of coordinator is then hired to ensure smooth sailing on the day. If this is what you are looking for, we have two options available. A day of coordinator, which is someone who is there to sort any issues that may arise on the day only. All planning and arrangements need to have been made before this. A month of coordinator can assist from a month before the day. This is beneficial, as along with the assistance on the day, you get help finalizing all of the vendors, the times they will arrive, and the timeline that will need to be followed, and so on. This option is best for someone who may not have the budget for a full-time planner.


The month of coordinator duties

A month of coordinator has a list of duties that are required from them. The last-minute details that are the most stressful for the couple will fall onto your planner’s shoulders. Here are some services you can expect: All pre-wedding consultations, RSVP, and seating management, a wedding day timeline and schedule, all vendor communication from the month prior, and all last-minute arrangements.

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