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Partial Service Planning

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Partial wedding planning is the ideal service for a couple who has already completed large portions of the planning and requires less assistance. This package is designed to let couples have a more hands-on approach when it comes to their wedding planning. Couples can now plan their own wedding but with the assistance of professionals to guide and direct them in the right direction. Hartford wedding planners have a passion for romance, which is why every consultant we employ treats each couple with the highest priority and ensures that your big day is nothing short of spectacular.


What does this include?

Partial wedding planning typically includes all of the same services that a month of wedding coordinator offers, with some additional benefits. Partial wedding planners offer a set amount of hours that is dedicated to the couple, over and above the month of wedding benefits. We offer a set amount of meetings that our planners will attend regarding your wedding. A budget plan and assistance in sticking to your budget, as well as ensuring everything is on track during the planning process. Our planners offer to send reminders and notes to check planning milestones have been met and to assist where something has gone wrong.


Who should choose partial wedding planners

Many couples will know that once the wedding needs to be planned, some sort of assistance is needed. With the many things that need to be arranged, it can be difficult for one person to keep track. Constant communication with the wedding gown designer, catering company, makeup artist, or photographer makes planning your wedding exhausting. Although we can acknowledge planning a wedding on your own is difficult, most couples often want to be in control and do a majority of the planning on their own, because this is your day. In this case, a partial wedding planner is the best option for you.


Benefits of a partial wedding planner

As we know by now, a wedding planner of any kind is beneficial to the planning process. The benefits speak for themselves. Each type of planner offers unique benefits that help couples getting married in different ways. Partial wedding planners are flexible and can adapt along the way to fit the unique couple’s schedule and type of wedding. Partial wedding planners can fit within your budget, whether big or small. We can tailor what we offer you to fit into your budget. The biggest benefit of partial wedding planning is the day of assistance that we offer. You will have our support from about 6 weeks before the big day and on the day. This means you can relax and enjoy your day knowing we are there for you.


We have your back 

Planning a wedding is an extremely personal experience, your wedding planner becomes part of your family. Your guest’s drama, seating plan politics, and budget fights - we are there for it all. We support the couple throughout the planning process, personal or not. A planner and the couple become friends and as such, we have your back. When it comes to plans changing, we will support you and keep the highest communication with you through this. You are guaranteed not only the day of your dreams but a friend and confidant throughout this process.

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